Kravitz Files: December 10, 2012


Outdated Texas Instruments word-generator AutoKravitz30378-j has its floppy disk all in knots today because THERE IS SORCERY AFOOT, OR MAYBE THERE ISN’T! AGAIN!!  

There may be magic, but the Indianapolis Colts are for real

It has been a magical season, but it’s not the product of magic. If it was about magic, it would have ended after that emotional come-from-nowhere victory over the Green Bay Packers.

I mean — holy hell, man. HOLY. HELL. That is a tortured paragraph, but it’s not the product of torture. If it was about torture, it would have ended by waterboarding your armpit with a torture-knife or something — a torture-knife made out of cough syrup & my 4-year-old daughter’s hand-scribbled analysis of soda. It’s so uniquely, grotesquely, profoundly … Kravitzian? We’ll go with Kravitizian. Because DUH, <**ERROR ERROR 402 FILE NOT FOUND ERROR ERROR**> haha, just kidding! AutoKravitz does not lose files, ever, because then it would cease to exist/do journalism-stuff/copy-and-paste shit from past re-generated shit it copied-and-pasted regarding witchcraft in sports:

It’s not magic, just best team winning

This isn’t about magic, and never has been about magic with Butler basketball and its continued rerun to NCAA Tournament glory.




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